Steel doors

Thanks to its energy properties, its durability and because of its many possible configurations, the steel door remains the number one choice. It harmonizes with all home styles. Let us advise you in your purchase.

  • Frame : 1 ½” x 7 ¼”, 9 ¼”, 9 ¾” pine frame or customized with PVC inner liner and PVC or aluminum exterior.
  • Door panel : 24-gauge, hot dip galvanized steel, polyurethane insulation (R16), polyester white paint on both sides, vinyl tape on the jamb on the lock side.
  • Cover : White PVC or colored-aluminum cover.
  • Threshold : Anodized aluminum threshold 7 ¼”, 8 5/8”, 9 ¼” and 9 ¾” in one piece, without extension.
  • Options : Choice of glazing, choice of handles, choice of multipoint locks, choice of brick mouldings, choice of hinges, choice of colors.

Possible configurations

The possible configurations are almost endless. Tell us about your project!