Hybrid Aluminum/Shape window














The hybrid window, the best of both worlds!

Window combining the thermal performance of PVC, inside, with the beauty of lines and colors, the durability and strength of extruded and enameled aluminum, on the outside.

Thanks to our narrow frame, we make windows of several architectural forms, from the simplest to the most complex. They can be assembled on any other models of doors or windows.


  • Hybrid window made of extruded aluminum on the outside and PVC on the inside with welded corners on the inside
  • Small fixed frame without shutter allowing a maximum glass surface
  • Optimum thermal insulation, thanks to its multiple air chamber profile
  • Advanced PVC powder profiles provide a lustrous finish and reduce dirt adhesion
  • Cavity for ½’’ gypsum and ¾’’ wood » integrated directly into the frame
  • Possibility of assembly with other windows
  • Choice of energy or regular glass
  • Different glazing options : Triple glass, tiles, fake mullions, etc.
  • Choice of brick mouldings
  • Possibility of infinite colors

Possible configurations

The possible configurations are almost endless. Tell us about your project!